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Casino Advertising Package

Our top Online Casino, Poker and Bingo websites are attracting thousands of visitors every day. There is now an opportunity for online casinos and internet gaming sites to advertise their gaming products on sites within our network. We currently have over 60 high performing websites were we can display your adverts.

We have many different advertising packages for online casinos and other internet gaming sites. These packages make use of banner rotation, emailing lists and content article pages and links, we also feature pop adverts to grab attention.

A banner for your product will be placed in a rotation system and appear on every page of our network, because we are limiting numbers you can be sure that your banner will get a large number of exposures. This number will be upwards of 5000 banner exposures per month for each advertiser.

In addition to banner rotation your product will be included in our monthly mail shot. We have over 20,000 email addresses on our opt in online gambling mailing list and your product will be featured prominently.

Premium advertisers will also benefit from having a dedicated casino or bingo review page containing text, graphics, banners and promotion for their product. In addition there will be a home page advert for your product on these top 10 highly ranked websites.

We are currently only accepting 10 online gaming brands for each category. We do not wish to overpopulate our sites with too many different gambling brands as this will dilute traffic to our top advertisers. We have a package to guarantee a top 3 position on all sites in the network with all advertising media, including casino of the month slots and pop adverts, and another tenancy package that will guarantee your brand is featured network wide in a top 10 position.

Text Link Adverts

Due to popular demand we have now launched the text link adverts package, This will give your casino, bingo or gambling product text link adverts on 5 web pages from within our network. These adverts include a heading and a small paragraph of text describing the product or promotion with the link embedded somewhere in this text. The adverts will appear in the left or right column advertising space on 5 web pages across the network. This is a great way of increasing your search engine rankings, many of our sites are ranked 3, 4 , 5 or higher.

Cost is competitively priced

Text Link adverts start from 100Eur per month for the 5 link package. Our  gauranteed listing through tenancy agreement starts at just 750Eur per month on top of an agreed revenue share figure. Please contact us to discuss.

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